2018 Blues Winter Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Blues winter programs. We are currently running 3 winter programs for you to participate in. Two of these programs are for youth, and one for senior men's (18+) rugby. The Youth rugby is divided into 2 programs; one for contact winter training (up to 11 sessions, with cost) and one for 4 "Try Rugby" (FREE) sessions.

Try Rugby (FREE)

The Blues, in conjunction with the Ottawa Irish, are running 4 FREE "Try Rugby" sessions. These sessions are meant for children aged 4-13, who are thinking about possibly playing rugby. Or they just want to find out what their friends are all talking about, this"rugby" phenomenon.

The sessions are FREE with NO contact rugby, click register to find out dates and costs.


Minor/Junior Winter Training (Contact, $$)

This is the Blues minor (10-13 years old) and junior (14-17) winter training program. The program is meant for anyone wishing to play rugby at any level, and is intended to expand on the youth's experience in rugby, as well as to introduce them to the great game of rugby.

In these sessions, players will particpate in contact drills (contact with pads, tackling, rucking, etc...).

There is a cost to this program, click register to find out dates and costs.


Spring/Summer Rugby Programs

Our new registration system, for spring and summer rugby is now up and running. It is available to all ages 4-65, boys and girls. Avoid the rush and sign up now.

If you wish more information on each of our programs, select the "Programs" menu Item, then the age grade you are interested in.

Please click register to go to our registration site.