2018 Blues Executive Board

Our annual general meeting was recently held and a new executive and board of directors were put in place to lead the club. The following men and women will be in place for the 2018 season.

Position Name Contact Info
President Jim Shaw president@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Finance Wilma Deen vp.finance@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Adminitstration Rob Elliott vp.admin@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Communications Ryan Surgenor vp.communications@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Men's Rugby Craig Workman vp.men@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Junior Rugby Jim Shaw junior.manager@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Minor Rugby Ian Bingeman vp.minor@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Vice President Women's Rugby vacant info@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Treasurer Cecilia Nicol treasurer@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Secretary Ted Moffitt secretary@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Child Protection Officer Sam Laggis sam.laggis@ocdsb.ca
Director of Rugby Geoff Tomlinson director.rugby@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Blues Foundation Rep vacant info@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Merchandise Rep vacant info@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Senior Men's coach Geoff Tomlinson senior.coach@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Registrar (registration) Cecilia Nicol registration@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Social Director vacant info@bytownbluesrugby.ca
Sponsorship vacant info@bytownbluesrugby.ca

For those vacant positions, contact Jim Shaw or info@bytownbluesrugby.ca if you are interested in volunteering for the role